Medico International Inc.® has been proud to set a standard of excellence in the compression garment industry since 1990. Through close feedback with plastic and reconstructive surgeons, nurses and their staff, Medico International Inc. has continued to advance the science of post operative compression garment wear. Our goal is to continually improve our fabrics, compression garment design, patient comfort level, and engineering techniques. At Medico International, our knowledgeable Customer Care Department is happy to listen, answer your questions, and provide you with superior customer service and the finest quality compression garments. It is our desire that your relationship with Medico International is long and satisfying. Give us a call. We are ready to assist you.

The Science of Sculptures Compression Wear

Sculptures Compression Wear® garments are made from highly specialized, memory resilient fabric. This four-way stretch fabric  is specially formulated for use after plastic and reconstructive surgery, applying a  universal, even compression. With its body-hugging, specially-formulated contour design, reinforced outside seams, and easy-to-apply zipper and hook and eye combination, Sculptures Compression Wear is the latest in garment technology.

Our garments are designed with patient comfort in mind. We employed 3D BodyScan technology to ensure that our garments hug your every curve for an even, secure fit. We also use fabrics, such as Sateen and SuperSilky, that are effective and the ultimate in comfort. We find that superior comfort helps ensure enhanced patient compliance. Enhanced patient compliance means to better results. Not only are Sculptures garments designed for the ultimate in patient comfort, they are also designed to speed along the healing process with their self-wicking, antimicrobial and compressive qualities. All Sculptures Compression Wear garments are treated with Triclosan, a specially formulated ester derivative that is a non-toxic, highly effective antimicrobial agent which is often used in clothing and common household items like toothpastes, hand soap and deodorants.  The Triclosan ester compound used is combined with the dye, this highly technical process ensures that the antimicrobial properties are not simply on the fabric surface, butinfused into each individual fiber. The results are durable, long-lasting germicidal, antimicrobial and fungicidal properties – not found with other application methods.