How To Put On Your Compression Wear

Our garments contain a high percentage of lycra; be careful of fingernail punctures in the fabric. Seams and zippers are designed to be worn on the outside of the garment. Tags are labeled and face forward on the front side of all girdles. BodyShaper tags are located on the outside back of the garments. Breast wear tags are located inside the garment.

Stage One Compression Girdles and Shapewear: While seated, fasten the girdle up to slightly higher than your knees. Secure both the hook & eye and the zippers up to this area.While remaining seated, place both legs into the girdle and gently position the girdle into place. Then stand up and pull the girdle up, making sure to position the crotch opening as far up as possible.

Fasten the remaining hook & eye on one side only, and then carefully pull up that zipper. Please use extra caution to avoid catching the zipper on the inner facing and to avoid getting pulls in the material from your fingernails.

Now, fasten the hook & eye on the remaining side. This side will be somewhat more difficult to secure, and we recommend that someone be present to provide assistance. After the hook & eye have been secured, carefully zip up that side.

Stage Two Compression Girdles and Shapewear

Step into your compression wear garment and secure the crotch against your body. Then, pull down the legs. The secret is to gather the garment like you do pantyhose. Next, pull the garment up to your waist; the fit should be snug for best results. Extend the garment upward to under your bust or over your shoulders (depending on the style). Adjust straps if necessary. High waisted styles can be worn with or without straps. Each garment is designed to be worn long after you have fully recovered.

Important Tips:

  • If at any time during application you become fatigued, take a rest.
  • Use extra caution to avoid catching the zipper in the fabric or padding. If the zipper becomes snagged, stop immediately. Remove the garment and gently work with the zipper snag until it becomes freed.
  • So that elimination can be easily accomplished without soiling the garment, unzip one side and securely hold the flap to one side.

How A Garment Should Feel

Working with your doctor and personal preference, your Medico International compression garment specialist will ensure your compression garment will meet expectations. Garments should be snug on the body to compress the dermal layer into the muscle wall. Although snug, the fit should be comfortable enough not to impede normal breathing or restrict the patient’s movement. In addition, the patient’s body type should be accommodated. For example, a patient with a full thigh might find a garment with a longer leg more comfortable than an above the knee version.

Note: Athletic wear, shapewear, yoga wear, or lingerie will not offer the proper level of compression needed after a surgical procedure