Product By Procedure

Facial Surgery

Facial surgeries range from face lifts to rhinoplasty to genioplasty, all which would benefit from use of a post surgical compression wrap or support. Using a wrap to aid in post-op healing will provide even compression throughout the contour of the face and help to eliminate edema and bleeding. Medico International Inc. facial supports, bands and wraps are ideal for us following facial surgery.

T-118 Two Strap Neck & Facial Support

Beige, Black

S, M, L

T-118H High Compression Two Strap Neck & Facial Support

One Size Fits Most

T-430 Cold Gel Pack

Black Glitter, Cobalt Glitter, Cool Blue, Gold Glitter, Grape, Iridescent Glitter, Kiwi, Mango, Pink Glitter, Pink Ice, Purple Glitter, Silver Glitter, Teal Glitter, Vanilla, White Glitter

EM-130-4 Bleph Eye Mask with 4 Gel packs

One Size Fits Most

T-875W Facial and Otoplasty Band

One Size Fits Most

T-875-2 Universal Facial/ Otoplasty Band with 2 Securing Straps

One Size Fits Most

T-440 6" Soft-sided Round Gel Pack

Cool Blue, Pink Ice


Blue, Black Glitter, Gold Glitter, Pink Glitter, Silver Glitter, White Glitter


Green Peas, Orange Burst, Pink Pop, Purple Rain

SC-810 Sculptures Liposuction Foam

3 Sheet Patient Pack